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I silently told 2018, I am getting out and it got really mad.  I actually didn’t care how it felt.  To be quite honest, I am ready to hit to streets running.  Well, I am actually going to run more, but that’s not the point I was trying to make.  I am getting out of all the bad areas in my life I can possibly get out of.  And if I don’t believe I can, I am going to make myself believe I can.


Here are the areas of Operation: Get Out I will be pursuing.


Comfort Zone



Being Less Traveled

Being Not Fit To My Standards


So what’s the strategy you may ask?…Well I have created the [Hardcore Four].  The [Hardcore Four] is a list system of 4 items per day, 5 days a week to get done.  These tasks must be completed…no matter how difficult, you must step in the realm of reaching forward to complete these major or minor goals.

Debt, well make more money, spend less money.  Simple right?  Nope, it’s going to take some doing and all senses on full awareness, and stay far away from people not leading you into this area you are trying to go.

Comfort Zone, shake things up and bit.  I know I have an awesome personality, stop being scared to be a little forward or may even sound rude to get to your point.  Can’t be all nice and dandy with everyone.  Add some spice to your name.  I know perfectly well how to do so.  So stop being so shy.

Unhappiness, okay I am not that much unhappy via I am a cheerful guy.  But not reading books I want to read, or watching tv shows and not working on my Vlogs on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook is putting an unhappy face on me…I need to get to it.

Clutter, OMG, throw them stuff away and donate and be proactive to give back what you have excess of.  What am I doing?  Let’s Go… Do better.  I definitely want my apartment to look like a Japanese Minimalism surrounding of bliss.


Being Less Traveled, well start getting out of debt for one, save for these trips and take these trips.  Drive, Fly, Take a Train…Just go…and oh yea capture your moments in life in these places.  Oh yea, don’t do this to show off for the gram, but live your full life. 🙂

Being Not Fit To My Standards, well okay I am not shaming myself for putting on some weight, but it definitely need not be there.  The biggest thing is I love a challenge.  I want to run faster, jump higher, do flips, be the greatest urban ninja. 🙂  Let’s go kick some butt.

Anyways, that’s my post.  I got some big works ahead of me, and I am ready to take them on, are you?


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Debt Solution, Me and GOD [#Quote]

Basic creditcard / debitcard / smartcard graph...
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“Another day on this planet…I am happy I am living and surviving…I wish GOD would help a brother with some DEBT SOLUTION…I bet I would never go that direction again.”

Debt, I bet we all got it.  Whether in a form of a bill, low ass credit score, or just don’t got nothing so we have to borrow from the bank, our school, mom and dad, or a friend.  Some even take to extremes and start robbing banks.  Well I know you feel me on this one, when I say, that you wish GOD just had a Debt Aid Plan that you and him can work on to free you debt free.  I am just saying.

– Richardo

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Just Paid 2 Bills and Feeling Good, I am soon DEBT FREE

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Man it feels good to put some money on the books to pay some bills.  I mean it’s one of my favorite things to do.   I know I know, who wants to be pay bills and like doing it?  Well hello, if you have bills and they are in your name, umm who do you think got it there?  But you should be proud to have some bills to pay, that means your name is on some things and you are independent and holding down yours.  And I do hope you are taking care of your bills correctly and making some moves to having a very good credit score, for I know lots and lots of people with their credit down in the gutter.  If you have issues such as those, follow my weekly series Money Monday in which every Monday I teach your money management skills and where to find money and much more.  So make sure you follow me on twitter (@rawmultimedia) also to get the #MT which means the #MoneyTweet, it’s the official money phrase of the week.  With the #MT you can understand what the Monday’s Money Monday post is about.  Anyways, making sure you paying them bills and running away from debt, but still hold your own.

How good is your credit score?  Are you actually going to follow me on twitter? lol

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