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ferguson new mike brown grand jury verdict

Wow, as I was working out in the gym when they delivered the verdict on the news , I looked on the tv screen with disbelief that answer they released was true, no indictment.  I truly don’t understand how the justice system works.  It’s crazy in some way I knew the verdict would go something like this.  I hope to stay very far away from its ins and outs.

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Deviant Time Lapse - RawMultimedia Photography Art

Deviant Time Lapse!

We ponder about a new world, so we defy the barriers of our current one…are you focused?

RawMultimedia is showcasing photography inspired by art, lifestyle, fashion, travel and nature each day of November.

I hope you enjoy.

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Home Improvement Into A Interactive Blog

Home Improvement

My blog is my home.  I live here, I cry here, I rant here (ummm not really), but I love it here.  I think my blog is usually the first thing I check each day, whether via desktop, laptop, tablet or smart-phone, I am like always.  I all about those stats baby.  Okay, I kid around, I am not here for only the stats, but the pure interaction.  I love to see other people interacting with my blog, as well as me interacting with them.

My blog is a bit dusty over the past few weeks and months, and I usually change the design every year, in which is just about that time.

How do you feel about your blog/website?  Do you work on upgrading and improving it quarterly or yearly?  Is your blog your home as well?


So I create content everyday, some the greatest works I ever did, some are just awesome, some are a bit ehhh but still cool, and there are others, the quickies.  I want to have everyone having a BLAST when then stop by, probably not wanting to leave ever, so I must create that atmosphere for them.  It’s almost like inviting friends over, you want to clean up a bit, with no distractions so everyone can have a good time.

If you may be new to blogging or haven’t upgrade your blog, it’s nice to experiment with new designs and features and give your audience a fresh experience like, “dang, things have changed around here, I got to see where the fun is.” and “Oh my gosh, what is that, I want to click it, view it, read it, and share it.” or, “hey there is too many goodies here to enjoy in one day, I got to come back and take more of it in.”

So all in all, that’s the feeling I want to bring to everyone, and even to myself to say, wow my home is looking so fresh like I just bought and furnished it.

I hope this post inspire someone to take a look at their blog and figure out ways to upgrade and improve it, if they never done so before. 🙂

Oh yea if you didn’t know…my 1,000th post in coming to wrap up May 2013.  So I am trying to launch unto another 1,000th posts, looking so fresh and so clean. 🙂

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Richardo Wilson