People are so complex and simple. You can read a person and think you know and still have no idea. I like the positive energy going on. I just have to realize that things sometime takes time to develop, so patience is key. I preach it all the time, so it’s time to take in on my shoulder and carry it.

Have you dealt with people you feel are difficult, but they really are not?





Wow, today was so tiring. I can say Podcasts are a godsend when you don’t want to cycle through songs and moods. So to kill time at work, or to work while playing or learning, Podcasts are a good win.

I met up with an old client of mine who is just a genuinely great guy, good talks and great hospitality. He probably turned my tiring day into a fun exciting day of positive energy.

I learned a new sentiment of myself today, and it’s to continue to grow and be humble and teach with kindness. So after this red wine wears off, I have nothing more to write today.




Do it for the passion, do it for the love. When it’s all said and done, do it for the fun. You got to enjoy what you do, whether writing, blogging or anything. It’s the drive to keep you going when the going isn’t good. There will be days that are so jammed pack. There will be days when you feel overwhelmed. But we just got to push through, and deliver what we love.

Think of each post as gift to the world. Just keep giving and one day the world shall return gifts to you.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon


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