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Ummm am I wrong for thinking, if I close my eyes meditating in the gym, someone is going to run up and drop kick me in the face, or sneak up behind me and put me in a choke hold?

I am guessing maybe because I have these certain fears of being a ninja in plain sight and people can see me, maybe I feel someone might just attack me, just to check me… I don’t really know…


Question: Am I crazy?


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blogging · photography · Thoughts



Happy Halloween - RawMultimedia Photography Art Ninja

Happy Halloween - RawMultimedia Photography Art Ninja

Happy Halloween

Concept: Faces of Death

Photography by: RawMultimedia
Edited by: RawMultimedia

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Richardo Wilson

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Harlem Shake BLACK NINJA viral trend video

So there a viral video trend going around in which has to do with the Harlem Shake.  Do you know what the Harlem Shake is?  Can you Harlem Shake?  Well the Harlem Shake is a type of dance created in Harlem, New York I believe a while back, but either way the trend has less to do with the actual dance but the entertainment value of the video.  It has more to do with the beat by the producer baauer titled Harlem Shake.  I saw the trend a day ago before I realized It got super big and popular, and decided to have some fun on a Saturday.  And how much fun it was.

Check out my version of the trend, The Black Ninja version [HARLEM SHAKE]

I hope you enjoyed the video. Here are a few others and the original makers of the viral trend. It’s only about 30 seconds of your life each so enjoy and laugh out loud, seriously LOL. 🙂

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Richardo Wilson