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And The Money Monday WINNER Is

The Money Monday Giveaway Winner is “boomiebol“….yeaaaaaa.

The Prize Is:

Money Monday Giveaway Prize

Congrats to “Boomiebol” of the blog “” for winning the Giveaway Contest, in which is my first giveaway in which makes her an honored winner in history of my blog.

Her blog is totally awesome and everyone should definitely check it out.  Lots of great poems, lifestyle and short stories to read.


There are many more giveaways to go from me, (Raw-Multimedia) in which all you have to do is be subscriber to the blog and answer the calling of the Giveaway Posting and you are entered to win.

Thanks for everyone who like the post, I attempted to follow in.

Richardo Wilson

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Raw-Multimedia Free Giveaway Giveaway and Contest

This Friday July 2o, 2012 is the Infamous Annual “Raw-Multimedia Giveaway Giveaway & Contest“…I am totally excited.  Are you excited?  And for one of the GIVEAWAYs, it is especially for my SUBSCRIBERS.  And all you have to do is be subscribed and to my blog.  It’s going to be from July 20 – July 30th.  Winner will be announced on July 31st.  I sure hope you guys have a contact or about me page or an email linked to your blog when I announce the winner. 🙂

It’s going to be a SPECIAL DAY.

I shall have a GIVEAWAY every month that follows with cool rules, and cool simple gifts.

I hope you are subscribed and ready to WIN.
Richardo Wilson

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Quickie: Thank You and I Love You

BLOG IDEAS (Photo credit: owenwbrown)

First and for most I want to thank everyone who has passed by my blog and decided to subscribe as of the last few days and weeks.  I check out pretty much everyone’s blog and drop comments, and likes all over their pages.  I am still trying to figure out blogging in its masterful form, as I see so much success in other blogs, and believe mines is small cake compared to theirs, but I appreciate everyone who reads and visits.

I have missed and shall be bringing back my “SUBSCRIBER INTERVIEW” on Friday, for I have been spending the end of each week and weekend focusing on publishing my first book independently.  It’s quite exciting and it is so much different from just logging on to wordpress or on the app and writing and being quite entertaining and insightful, as I actually have to worry about marketing, advertising, cover art, and distribution as well as being satisfied with my work as a whole.

So I spend my time reading, and checking out other’s blog to help support them and also work on bringing a rich experience to mines as well.  I really want to nail my goal of the year and reach 200 subscribers on my blog and being able to share my knowledge with you.

I appreciate everyone for following along and watch out in MAY for more great posts on fitness, health, beauty, art, reading, photography, my blog contest, and a few more surprises.

Richardo Wilson