So, ummm yea, the third lane on the highway saw me going FAST…I mean FAST FAST. Okay, I don’t want to say too much, but yup I pushed the SPORT BUTTON TODAY… zoom zoom.

Well, today was a happy day to help out a friend on a long drive of 80 miles going, and 80 miles coming back… So 1.5 hours driving going and 1.5 hours coming back, I might just be a good friend and computer tech. ūüôā


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best tech computer repair new york city

As a certified computer technician and super versatile computer user I know my way around many types of computers.  I tend to see my customers/clients trends of use with their computers and found the most common faults that get them in a jam and at risk of catching viruses.


Here are 3 Ways To Protect Your Computer From Viruses

  1. ¬†PAY and I do mean PAY for an Antivirus Protection software. ¬† It’s like paying for health insurance for your body or insurance on a car, it’s their for your protection. ¬†I strongly recommend Kaspersky. ¬†It’s worth the $60 a year to protect your computer. ¬†Reminder it’s a subscription so, remember to re-subscribe each year. ¬†Doubt push your luck.

  2. ¬†Avoid using internet explorer as your main browser, use Google Chrome or Mozilla Opera. ¬†Better protection and more extensions for addition protection. ¬†In addition to changing your main browser from the “e” Internet Explorer, be very careful on web-based games, random phone numbers that pop up on your browser, DO NOT CALL THEM or LET THEM ACCESS YOUR COMPUTER, watch and be aware of other’s who uses your computer. ¬†Protect your investment.

3.  Buy and Use a Tune-Up program/software to help rid your computer of cookies, pop-ups, in-game add-ons and more.  This is crucial for maintaining your computer runs smooth and helps its memory, performance and longevity. 

If you need help or any questions for remote services from a computer tech, feel free to as via Facebook or Twitter.

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fail baby photo

Every year I countdown all the successes, fails, best moments, worse moments, best investments and more of the year. ¬†It’s a way for me to share my obstacles and achievements with the world and let them see how what ever it is I earned never came easy.

Let’s see how I did with my money.

*Note:  This is simply my personal list, not in any real order.  This list is really just a reminder to myself in public, somewhat a note to self/journal entry of the past year events and help guide into the new year.

TOP 10
1. 13 Macbook Pro (8gb, solid state) – $1,500
2. Toshiba Windows 8.1 Laptop – $240
3. GoPro Hero 3 – $199
4. Runaway Wireless Bluetooth Headset – $55
5. Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – Free ($26)
6. Ipad Mini 2 – $400
7. Canon T3 Camera – $200
8. FitBit Band – Free ($100)
9. Keurig – $51
10. Anker Dual USB Powerpack 10,000 amh – $25

Honorable Mentions
Swish gear Bag – $6 ($90 worth)
Case Logic Bag – $53
HP Printer – $50
Shredder – $26
Spotify Subscription (3mos) – $0.99c
Rave Wireless Speaker – $12.99

My resolution:

Buy less you want and more of what you need.  ROI all the time.

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