She Surprises Me with Strawberries and Kisses

strawberry kiss

strawberry kiss

As I come home from a long day of work, I enter through the front door like clockwork at 7:35pm on the dot.  My mind has been at the distance of the earth’s end thinking about the stressful situation at work today.  I can’t believe our firm with all the talents it has could allow such a crucial mess to occur.  I take my shoes off a the door and continue to motion towards the bathroom to wash my face to my surprise I saw a shadow pass by the kitchen with much quickness.  Being so tired I pay it no mind for it could just be my mind playing tricks on me and I know my wife will not be home until 9pm tonight.

strawberry kisses

strawberry kisses

As the shadow became a distraction to my thoughts of work, I was quickly brought back to the reality of last night’s argument with my wife in which the source of our argument was me working long hours and me over working myself.  As I bring my face towards the sink to run the cold water upon my face, I felt a slight touch on my back as it goes around my body and towards my neck, starting to unbutton my tie.  I know of the touch, this feeling, this joy, and it only the touch of my love, my wife.  As I slow arise to face her and dry my face with the hand towel that’s close to the sink, with my slight blur of the water over my eyes, I wipe it away to see my lovely wife with a bowl of strawberries (my favorites) and a shower of kisses, as she tells me she LOVES ME, and not to worry, we are going to be just alright.


Hey how did you like my free write, story telling?  Have you ever came home to Strawberries and Kisses?

Let me know if I should continue the story or add more storytelling situations as this.

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What is best Ice-Cream or Cake?

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That is a very very hard question to answer for me.  I love to bake and cakes are so delicious and even works well with its enemy of this post ice-cream.  I love ice-cream, so creamy and so many flavors of delight.  Ice-cream comes with so tasty flavors I love such as Rum and Raisin, Strawberry Cheesecake, French Vanilla, Butter Pecan and Grape nut.   The choices are endless.  Now back to the greatness of cake, Fudge, Cheesecake, Fruit, Banana Nut and of course Chocolate.  It’s like an extreme high mixing both.  But the verdict is still out I can’t choose one.  What do you think though for you, ice-cream or cake?  Anyways, I on those lovely movie nights and relaxation in which I love, but I am going to say ice-cream takes the cake…(oh you like that ending right, ha ha).

So what do you prefer or think is BEST, ice-cream or cake?

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There is going to be Hugging, Kissing, and Love Making going down on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day♥♥♥

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Valentine’s Day is the day people will showcase their love to each and if content to themselves, there is no shame in that.  But there is going to be a lot of hugging, kissing, and love-making going down on Valentine’s Day.  Though a created day, cupid is going be on duty shooting people with those love arrows, and his crazy ex-cousin is going to be breaking hearts and making people cry and heart-broken on such a day that should be all about goodness and love.

Who are you plan you be, The Lover or The Heart Breaker?

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