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High Line, New York City RawMultimedia Photography

High Line, New York City RawMultimedia Photography

I use to frequent the Google Offices when I was active on YouTube, and they throw great meetups, so during my sessions there, I caught these photos through the window. ūüôā

Photo by: RawMultimedia (iPhone)
Location: Manhattan, New York

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Passionate Fans & Rivals Become Friends

Manchester United
Manchester United (Photo credit: sanpani)


I was at work and a customer came in, and though I couldn’t help him exactly, we had an amazing short conversation. ¬†I saw he was wearing a Manchester United shirt, and being a super soccer fan we got the talking after I mentioned his shirt. ¬†I was like I am a Chelsea fan, and we both smile as our team were rivals of each other. ¬†We become talking scores and the past season and mentioning the current EURO 2012 Champion games. ¬†Then we started sharing life stories, and our intense passion for the sport. ¬†I met a new friend. ¬†It was like on the best part of the day. ¬†So a small inquiry for a sale, turned into a 20-25 minute conversation. ¬†His name was Patrick, originally from England.

What do you think?  Have you ever met a stranger and became friends?

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Richardo Wilson

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The Day Before Sunday, Saturday

I don’t have much to say, but to say this, that today was epic. ¬†I live life for experiences and my storytelling. ¬†I try to avoid crazy things unless I created it myself. ¬†But when things happen while I am around, I accept it and I work on remembering all details to share with others. ¬†Well to note today’s mayhem, I will just blog about it and jot down facts. ¬†I hope everyone enjoy their weekend, and every weekend to come.

My best friend broke me bike (death to my bike)
We played basketball after, and he won both 2 games we played
I was on Elm St.
I was on opposite end of a stalk out
I try my to avoid police
My favorite soccer club, Chelsea won the UEFA Champions Final by Penalties.
I had some (crack of a food) with my brother and a beer
I saw a girl with a Chelsea jersey on when going to the crack
We high-five, me and the random girl, our team WON
I went to sleep feeling great watch State Property on Netflix

What a Saturday…

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Richardo A Wilson