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It’s time to pass the test,
My friend is on the left,
Are we going for a 90?
Are we going for 100?
Maybe 110, extra credit on deck,
The teacher is watching me,
We ready for all challenges,
We start of with hand signals,
We in the zone time to mingle,
We got crumbled notes rolling on the floor,
We got friends running schemes coming to the door,
We got ink tatted on our arms,
We in this test we making our rounds,
We completed the test flawless,
My friend and I, are the best.

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The Art Of Love Making

Sexuality and gender identity-based cultures
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Do you know what good loving making is like?  Well loving making been around quite a long time, like forever, but do you think or think you will ever experience what good loving making feels like?  I was exposed to sexuality at a young age, but I understood what things were, and always questioned myself on when I got to a decent mature age if I would ever feel what good love making was like.  The intimate feeling, the romance, the mind-blowing pleasure is what I thought would come in a nice package when having a great partner, or soul mate.

Being a poet and romantic I always try to achieve a deep connection with girlfriends I have had.  I wanted to create one of the best experience they would ever have in their lives on many levels.  I didn’t care about what age I was or they were, I feel when you create something so incredible who can justify it by time.  Think of your love in your religious belief, it’s like a timeless bond with you and your GOD.  Marriage is supposed to create such a similar effect with your spouse with blessings of eternal love.

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So what is the art of love-making?  What do you look for in a great experience?  Is it more physical than emotional or even mentally?  I guess the more you know what you want to experience and the comfort of giving your all or passions in the memorable pleasure the more you can define what it would be for you.  They say love can make you do crazy things, so if you have gotten such a love-making experience from someone, you might go to the end of the earth to cherish and enjoy it greatness.

Through my experiences I have learned many new techniques and rules to making a fulfilling moment.  I always tend to reflect back like what I am doing right now in this post, on what I can do better and what I can learn at the age I am at now about love making.  I know there are many people in relationships with a very bad sex life or can’t ever get to experience that great feeling they been craving for with their partners.  I always wished for people to experience the best things in the world, but we can’t have it all.  Do you think good love-making should be one of the top things all mature human beings should experience in their lives?

Do you know good love-making?  Do you think you have experienced it before or still want to?  Would you cheat on your partner for just a once in a life experience of good love-making?

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Why is it that women love men that CHEATS?

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I don’t get it.  Women so beautiful, so amazing, so sexy seem to enjoy lowering themselves to fall in love with men that cheat.  Maybe there is some attraction to bad boys and the knowledge to know he is wrong for you, but at the same time didn’t count on themselves falling for the men, and then gets mad that he is a cheater. It’s too silly.

This is a future post of mine, so for more facts and examples…stay tuned.

See you soon ladies.

Do you think I am right?  Have you ever fell for a man that cheats, and you knew he is cheater?

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