Life as a writer is coming back to me. I am finally going to be dropping amazing articles and videos. I am trying to work out a style first though too. So ummm, wow, my intro to this post is terrible. I want it to be natural thought as I free write this gem of a post.

Welcome to a new month, August, it has arrived. I am going to lead this month with my (2) challenges, which are going Vegan for 30-60 Days and also releasing a post every day without missing one.

It’s don’t seem hard, but when you run 3 blogs, 2 youtube channels, and consult for others, it’s a lot to do, as well as going to the gym 5 days a week. OMG am I about to ruin my life?

Let’s find out.

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Wow, it’s 2017.  Are you pumped?  I am.  Not too sure why, it’s like we do this same speech every year, but either way…Let’s get the year rolling. 🙂

The motto for this year for me is:  “Do More, Waste Less…

Also, I am not too sure what this year will bring or big goals I want to achieve as yet, but for now… Here are 5 Things I Would Love To Do This Year.

  • Host a Monthly Meetup Event (Online & Offline)
  • Grow My Consulting Business / Clientele bigger…
  • Post (2) Post A Day for the entire year…. A photo post, and writing post (I never got to do one post a day for an entire year, so since I failed that, I figure why not up the ante.  If I beat this goal, technically I beat my original goal I failed at.) Hmmm
  • Write great articles / Create great videos all year about Movies, Travel, Art, Lifestyle, People, Inspiration.
  • Talk to more people…Write more…Listen more…Travel more…Train harder…Learn more…Be bolder…Live more confidently.

BONUS: Follow all other years of great principles you had created and continued…they all worked well, do change what works well.


Release a New Photography Gallery every month of the year & a Print version… (12)
Create a Weekly Series… (52)

QUESTION: What are your plans for 2017?

Wish you all a good year…

Thanks for reading,

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No Legs, No Words, Just Verbs


Downtown New York
Downtown New York (Photo credit: sreevishnu)

May has been one of my most successful challenge month of the year.  I have a record of completing more challenges and created the blueprint of some of my best and most proudest works in May.  I really don’t know why.  Maybe to me I that’s the actually month Spring actually really starts.  You get out of college for the term in this month, its mother’s day within the month, and mostly it only has 3 letters, who can beat that?  Do you like May?  What are your plans for the actual spring month (well in New York)?

So as you know I am already in a challenge and decided to add few others.  I am starting to hate facebook in couple effects, and even co wrote a song with an artist friend of mine, who is kind of crazy named (Jixi) to make fun of people on facebook.  I am sorry if you are a facebook lover and still addicted to the commercial giant, but I had to do it.

My new thing/challenge is,

1. Forget about status updates, I am only going to use 8 words or less as my statuses.  Never to exceed such writings.  And only write VERBS of what I have done, or going to do, or etc.  (I like to keep things a bit interesting and creative).

2.  A Contest…whoop

Oh and if you were wondering about the title…ummm I rode 20 miles today, so I have no legs after I sleep and awake, well if I go to sleep.  No words means I rather my very choosy with my words so I created the challenge, I hate people’s statuses about random things and they don’t even talk or communicate well in the process of facebook.  So instead of saying nothing or copying a ridiculous amount of quotes like others (not knocking their choice), I am going to only write meaningful topics in 8 words of less.  Just verbs goes with the action part of the challenge, things I have done or I am going to do.

What do you think of this post?  Any thoughts or opinions?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson