Jamaican Music Artist Buju Banton Found Guilty On Drug Charges

Mug shot of Buju Banton.
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It’s sad to say but the word around the world or at least the internet is that Buju Banton has been found guilty on drug charges.  They are saying he can face up 15 years and up in jail. I seems like another talented artist is jail bound on charges brought against them, and what’s even depressing, this news comes weeks after Buju Banton has won a Grammy for he latest music album. I am not sure if he allowed another appeal of the decision or so on, but my thoughts go out to his family and fans.

Are you a Buju Banton fan? What is one of your favorite Buju Banton songs?

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Buju Banton wins Best Reggae Album for Before The Dawn at 53th Grammy Awards 2011

The Best of Buju Banton
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Congratulations to Buju Banton for taken home the Grammy for Best Reggae Album at the 53th Grammy Awards.  Even with all the controversy, trials and jail time for Buju Banton, his music still stand on top as the top reggae album.  I am proud of Buju Banton and all my Jamaican people that we have such a achievement from one of our greatest artist.

Best Reggae Album


Before The Dawn

Buju Banton
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