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Phone Number: When That Money Calls Then Everything Goes On Hold

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The title of this blog post comes from one of my favorite songs of the moment by the Brooklyn new york rapper, “Fabolous” titled “Phone Number” off his 2011 mixtape, “The S.O.U.L. Tape“.

I am referring to this song by the fact of today, my job called me in to work. Some people on their days off refuse to answer their phone if their job calls them in to work, but not me. When money calls pretty much, because you are getting paid to work, I am definitely picking up. I absolutely value money and its effect on getting things done in life. Not only just money, but the feeling of working and contributing to a good notion of providing service to others.

One last thing, I believe that the more you work and the quality work you do, raises your value to potentially make more money. The funny thing about that also is there is an artist called Wiz Khalifa. and he has a song also which is called “Phone Number” (Cabin Fever Mixtape) originally the title of the song “Fabolous” remade the song from. Wiz has his own spin on the song, with a cool chorus that goes, “When I get paid my checks be looking like phone numbers”. The way this applies, is that I work hard everyday until one day my check will look like numbers. Pay checks in the millions would be a great achievement.

If it is your day off and your job calls do you pick up? Do you one day wish your check paychecks look like phone numbers?

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