I Get Better With Time

We don’t always see our success before we get it. But if we want to improve and determined to be better we will be. Ever since I was teen I watched everyone (I am serial people watcher ūüôā ) and I mixed and matches great qualities to improve my life and my surroundings. This was a big hobby of mine. I didn’t understand the method well at the time, for I couldn’t forecast how things would play out over time, but I never gave in to the norms around me, I kept climbing to higher level of understanding.

It’s always been in my nature to uplift other and share my knowledge, for the richest minds of the world lay useless in graveyards around the world. If you get that logic, then you understand that we are always going and an elite person wants to be close to perfect without being it or claiming to be so.

The best person we can be, is a person that is genuine, caring and can do for their family without compromising themselves. So I preach and teach others to be their unique selves as I feel and have grown into that myself and over time I just impress myself with the great things I put back into the world.

Reads by: Richardo A. Wilson

Hopefully what I have said today relates to you and you want to put it to use and elevate your life today or tomorrow. ūüôā

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So it was a Wednesday, nope Friday Jr., aka Thursday, and it’s the lunchroom at work. ¬†Bright smiles on my face the entire day, just knowing the sandwich I hand crafted from home, was going to be mines. ¬†I mean I made that sandwich with my own hands, piece by piece, layer by layer, with so much love in my body. ¬†For of course, when you love what you eat and eat what you love, shoot, love and delight ooze¬†out of you infinitely. ¬†Well, at least this is what I tell myself.
So yes, Thursday was the day, I remember it so vividly when I arrived at the work refrigerator to find my¬†sandwich of love, and it was not there…I panicked, I said to myself, well maybe I left it at home. ¬†Wrong, I remember so many memories of seeing this lovely sandwich enter the fridge early in the morning as I came into work, in as many angles, slow motion, depth of field as my human mind could allow. ¬†Where was thy sandwich, I got scared, maybe it ran away. ¬†But nope, someone ate it, stole it from the fridge, left crumbs on the table and even the cute wrapper it was in.
My heart was stolen, never to be okay once again, that I never brought a sandwich back to work ever again. ¬†To find out months later, visually seeing a co-worker of mine, joyfully walk in the lunchroom and gone in a fridge and randomly ate someone’s lunch. ¬†I had to build up all the might in my body to ask, hey, why did you do that, and his reply was, I am hungry, it looked good, there is no one here, and they will never know it was me, plus he didn’t care…and there and then I realized my friend was sandwich¬†thief, and I could not unsee the madness of him eating someone else’s handcrafted delicious sandwich, that they will never get to eat.
Has this happened to you?

Thank for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson




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one thing we must do
In life, there are many things happening daily, well more like every second of the day.  In those instances, we do forget to do absolutely one thing each day.  That one thing we must do and not forget is to express to ourselves how much we love ourselves.  Self-love and appreciation is a key to a happy life.  The simple thing of just saying thank you and trusting in your decisions is so important.
I know this post may sound all simple and like common sense, but trust me, there is a lot of people who don’t love themselves and are depressed most the time even when they are doing the best they can.
Please everybody, your life, and your happiness are important.  Make it a priority.

Thank for reading,
Richardo A. Wilson