meeting my match

I have grown up thinking to myself, how would it feel to have a friend like myself?  Is that weird?  I kind of always wanted to meet someone similar or on edge just like me.  It would be like seeing yourself in the mirror, but physically.  You can see how the person talks, respond to things, facial expressions, and best of all see their drive and commitment to living and appreciating life.

I can only wonder one day, someone would tell me how much I mean to them and how I took on that task to be someone they admire or just want they truly honestly feel the effect I had on them.

Do you ever wonder this as well?

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heroes flying outside sunset boy

I am creating a page on my website dedicated to my heroes in life.  There are so many people that forget where they come from and their upbringing of inspiration and motivation that I feel they are lost.  I am creating a series for this particular reason to remind me of my past, my present and where I want to go by celebrating the people who got to be who I am.

I will be sharing my stories of my heroes in life…

Stay Tuned…


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