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Dream Summer 2016

Dream Summer

It’s just about that time of year, May.  May is a special month for me every year, I change a lot, I learn more and I am much more productive in all facet of life.  It’s no wonder why it’s the month for my annual “Dream Summer” series.  Every year, from May to the end of August I celebrate “Dream Summer”.  It’s a series of positive energy, lifestyle and adventures we shall all enjoy and also encourage others to have.

This year may be the biggest ad brightest year yet.  But of course, it’s something I can always plan for, organize, but will never come out as expected.  For in life, things changes at times and we must continue on.  I have so much to showcase, so let’s just see it unfold.

What are your plans and dreams for this summer?

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My New York City Lifestyle: 5 Places I Love in NYC – [#MNYCL]

My New York City Lifestyle - rawmultimedia

I love New York City with a passion.  I may not like the taxes, I may not like all the people or stereotypes, but I love the escape it grants to me.  All you need is an idea or feeling, and get up and go do it.  There are couple spots I totally love to go to in New York City and I feel I should share them with you and a brief info on them.  Throughout the year on my blog I will showcases each location with great photography, to show you why I love them and how beautiful and inspiring they are.

1. Brooklyn Bridge City Hall

After hoping off the 4,5, or 6 train at this stop you will see so many people hanging out and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.  It is quite a very cool experience walking across.  So much culture, and everyday (well week) is a new encounter.  I love this area and just the feeling of escape.  Just people and cool visuals and small parks and places to just relax and enjoy a new york city day.  I walked the bridge about 4-5 times, and it takes about 20-30 minutes based on how many people and how much time you stop to take photos.  It’s so awesome.  I even did a video walking the bridge and the visuals around, check out my youtube channel. (

2. South Street Seaport / Pier 17

Though second on my list, the seaport is by far my favorite spot in New York City.  When the spring time and summer is around, I go here to cool out, watch the people and have some drinks.  I have brought couple of friend to my usual spot and they love it.  Even you see my facebook profile I have tons of tons of boats, people, activities, me with a drink in hand :), Brooklyn and from there you can see the Brooklyn bridge, Staten island ferry and even helicopters passing by.  They is so much to take in at this location on the pier, and only walking distance to my next favorite spot Battery Park.  Trust me you must go see it.

3. Battery Park / Battery Park City (Bowling Green)

This is the most coolest, most mello location to have a date or go to look out at the water.  And guess what is across from the water, the Statue of Liberty and New Jersey (not quite the Jersey Shore) but a terrific places to grab a book and sit and read or go to work out.  I did a few photoshoots here and plan to do so much more because it’s like a mini city and so many places to cover.

4. 14th Street, Union Square

My mid way love of freedom.  I can walk to the village or walk upwards to midtown manhattan in just a few blocks.  I love Union Square for all the cool stores, fashion and oh yea the crazy people.  I mostly go to 14th street to relax and be inspired.  Also I love the Barnes and Noble in the area as well as one of my favorite Photography stores to check out new cool stuff, of course hiding my wallet.  I will spend on new gadgets.  So much culture and fun around the area.

5. 34th Street, Fashion Ave., MSG

I love fashion, I love creativity.  I love H&M, Macys, Victoria’s Secret, Madison Square Garden, Jacob Javitz Center and much more and only walking distance from 42nd street, oh my god.  34th street, though crowded and crazy, I will have to say is one of the best location to go shopping and be in the middle of things in New York City.  I just love it.  So much fashion and clothing stores to make your head spin.  As well as blocks away from the FUSE studios and the world greatest photography, video and audio stores in the world, B & H Photo and Video.  So if you know me, I am multimedia producer and director, so 34th street is like heaven.  Then again don’t even go when it is raining.  I am just saying, it could be hectic unless you go to the Manhattan mall and have a blast at JCPenney and live life.

Thanks for letting me share my favorite spots with you.  I have a ton more and more each year I discover and turn them into classic places.  Also if you are ever in New York City and need a tour guide, I am your guy. 🙂

Here are some cool photos of the areas by external sources:

14th Street – Union Square (New York City Subway)
14th Street – Union Square (New York City Subway) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Waterfalls in New York City taken from nea...
The Waterfalls in New York City taken from near Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Union Square Manhattan New York City 2010
Union Square Manhattan New York City 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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all my photography for this episode will be here on saturday and more…—> This Is My New York City

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“New York City, Where everywhere can be a FUN PLACE, Pick a SPOT

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My New York City Lifestyle: I Never Seen It So Wet – [#MNYCL]

My New York City Lifestyle - rawmultimedia

Well where do I start actually?  Oh yea the wet stuff right?  Today I can encounter so much wetness I have ever seen before.  Let me explain a bit.  It’s not what you think it is, it about how much water and sweat I was left drowned in after my gym workout.  Yea I know, not what you were expecting right?  I was so shocked on how crazy I was going in the gym for my workout today.  I was drenched, everything clothing on my body was almost soaked.  I have never seen such epic moisture.

I guess it went well for my new addition to my workout of a thick sleeveless vest.  I was so stunning in the gym.  I saw so many people paying attention to my workout, and how great my arms look popping out of my shirt.  It was a good feeling to have all eyes on me again.  I think I starting to like my new stardom in the gym.  The cool epic crazy guy with shades on must be the name they are going to use to refer to me, I don’t know.  I would take and accept that, if that’s what they would call me.

But with another rainy new york day, I had no choice but to hit the bike in the gym to continue on my Cardio vs Carbs  Challenge of no bread or rice for 30 days and doing a 10 mile run or ride 4 days of the week for a month.  I am not very fond of the treadmill, but I go hard on the hardest settings if ever I have to use it or the bike in the gym so I burn the same amount of calories of its average user in a quarter of the time.  For example, an average user go on the treadmill for 30 to 60 minutes and burn about 300 – 800 calories within the time based on their settings, in which I can burn in about 8-16 minutes.  It’s not a bragging right or so for me, but I hate repetitive actions.

Anyways that’s my gym story.  How are you working out lately?  What is some of your favorite and most hated workouts?

 PHOTOS ARE COMING NEXT WEEK…From Next Week and Onwards I will have Cool & Interesting Photos for this series…

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no photography this episode, but do check out my first [MNYCL] post to follow the series…-> The City That Don’t Sleep

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“You can get VERY WET in the gym, if you work hard…”

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The western ramp and pylon of Brooklyn Bridge,...
The western ramp and pylon of Brooklyn Bridge, New York City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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