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My new DSLR camera should be Canon, Nikon or Sony?

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I have a major choice to make this year on purchasing a new camera, but I don’t know which one to get.  I am a loyal canon fan for years and about 3 year now, I have an Nikon Cool-pix that is so awesome and I know Sony for putting together great products, but I just don’t know.  I wonder what is everyone craving for right now.  I hear the Canon Mark II is an awesome and great camera to get but I am not sure I have $2000 to $5000 to afford that.  I need something that deliver result under a $1,000 price range, better yet under $800 so I can use the extra money other equipments and funding for my short film I plan to produce.  I am so leaning towards the Canon T3i that arrives in March 2011, but then again I saw a great deal on amazon for a Canon T2i kit for $930 with a crazy set of accessories.  I need a professional camera at the end of the day that can stand the weight for say another 2-3 years is possible, though new developments is on the way each and every year.  So shall consider Canon, Nikon or Sony?  I need help.

I guess I shall take a trip to the city within next week and see what is out there at my favorite spots, BHPhotoVideo on 34th St. 9th Ave. or my next spot Adorama on 18th St. 6 Ave.  I love both place, but happen to always end up buying my Camera’s from BHPhotoVideo, and my accessories from Adorama.  Either way I got to make the trip.  So Midtown New York City, you shall be seeing me the end of the beautiful and lovely short month of February.

What camera do you think I should get and/or what camera are you using?

Thanks for reading

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A Big Win In The Office Today

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I am pulling my hair out over the excitement of the win in the office today.  After weeks and weeks of craziness with my computers and production studio, finally things seems to be going the right way today.  Boy oh boy how I so excited.  Dreamweaver is finally back on my computer and so is my Sony Vegas.  The software cds were catching lots of errors and I had to do a whole lot of rebooting and computer tech tricks to bring my programs to life to work how I wanted them to.  Though there is still major works still left to do, like installing Pro Tools, Microsoft Office, and couple music and video converters, I am also back to my ultimate production station.

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When My Computer Crashes… Nov. 5, 2009.

Well it has happened again…My computer has crashed. Nice right, NOPE, not a great thing. Especially on the data I have lost. OMG, it’s really gone. Hard drive failure yet again. I think it was overdue. Well I can’t too much be mad because I figured stuff happens, since many factors.


1. I have XP system and my computer is from 2002 (Sony Vaio: Digital Studio) I so love my SONY.
2. I am running on 512 Ram (why, when I am a computer tech, ummmm I am comfortable)
3. I have about 80 to 100 small to big software applications
4. I actually had used 134 GB out of 140 GB my total computer memory
5. I had been hit with the LOW MEMORY windows popup a bit earlier in the day
6. And for the past week or so, I been leaving my computer ON for about 10 hours or so and as I fell asleep
7. I ran a virus scan, with AVG and AVIRA (The Best Antivirus & Internet Security Applications out there) and it says I had no viruses, but some warnings. I am very cautious. But hey…whatever.

I should be more alert even though this came totally randomly, it goes on state of mind that I follow, that I do not 100% rely or depend on technology. I do things manual and digital, so I won’t be caught out there.

Well when these things happen, it’s just ON TO THE NEXT ONE…start from scratch.

Which means,
1. reinstall XP
2. Install about A MILLION drivers, codecs, plugins,
3. Install my 4 printers
4. Install half of my 80 programs back
5. Beginning archiving and starting from scratch. (OH BOY)