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A Lesson in SEO and Web Design

you are a noob

you are a noob

Just recently I have been searching for a better way to tag and help guide new visitors to my blog and website, and realized I have been doing quite a few backwards thinking.  I have been thinking about all the shiny things like views, ad revenues (though I don’t have any), and subscribers, but forgetting the key elements of good content.

It’s not like I have been this way before, but sometimes you mind tend to linger and you seem to get greedy and want things too fast and a whole lot of it.  I been tagging and writing good content on my blog for a great deal of 2010 and 2011, and usually saw a great deal of improvement from it, but since October – December I saw a very steady decline and wonder how I can revamp my blog and website.

So like a noob (well a person who needs to learn better to excel and be a pro) I went to  google my ultimate teacher of information and researched some quality terms and information to  help bring me back to my normal way of thinking.

Here are the results I have learned:

1. Write Great Quality Useful Content
1.1 If you are a blogger/journalist/writer, write unique, honest, interesting stories and content
2. Don’t follow others (noobs) on the internet
3. Use good visual aids (Photos and Videos) that reflect what you are writing about
4. Write a < TITLE> < /TITLE> tag for each page that accurately describes that page
5. Link to quality relevant sites (Mashable, Wikipedia, and specific titled pages)
6. Don’t you dare SPAM tags
7. Create quick loading pages
8. Beware of broken links and lack of readable content of each page (including drop down menus, don’t use JavaScript or Flash links exclusively) be sure to add < A HREF> links to your body copy of text

My New Learned Lesson

9. Using 1 word keyword and tags is too broad and SUPER competitive (Think of 2-4 or more word keywords, tags and phrases) and aim for popular terms and trends
9.1 When tagging and aiming for better page ranks, optimize your “META description tag”  (This is what most search engine look for to represent your site)
10. Remember to share more using at least 3-7 sites consistently like (StumbleUpon, Reddit, Twitter, Delicious, Facebook, Digg, Technorati and others)
10.1 When writing your body copy text aim for 1000 words or more, but nothing fewer than 250 words


11. Comment on similar quality content sites such as your own
12. Join a community in your most talked about topic (Great way to meet others, and other to check you out if you provide quality comments and information)
13. Do write regularly (Create a schedule, 2-3 times per week shall do you just fine)
14. Write attractive and Catchy (HONEST) titles
15. Make sure you tell your friends about it and Network and make new friends

Most of these I practice daily and advise my friends, peers, and even random strangers, but for me I forgot what I was doing for a season and missed one major lesson, if you built it right, they will come.  You must remember, they may not come as soon as you want, but the pay off later will be greater and can me maintained.

A great site I rediscovered is:
Tons of great quality info.

not a noob
not a noob

Happy Holidays, and good luck building.

Do you have any specific questions on SEO and Web Design?  Have you been lusting for views, comments, subscribers, page rank and more?

Shoot me a comment or tweet and let me know your thoughts and opinions…

PS: I wasn’t really trying to get more views via my blog, I was mostly testing how to make my videos more viewable to a boarder audience using my blog then relying on youtube for it’s view.  I am still learning.

Thanks for reading

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De-Cluttering Tuesday: BYE BYE Twitter Following

Free twitter bar
Image via Wikipedia

Today I am lightening my twitter load of following.  I am a big information junkie in which some of you already know if you are a subscriber or reader of my blog, also I consider myself an “Internet Ninja“, because I am everything and see everything stealthy.  The point of my post is to help De-clutter my life and what I am doing to allow my free time and time to focus on my projects, for surely I have a million of them in store for the world.

So today I decided to unload a good amount of people off my twitter timeline.  I mean I am not to trying to be rude, but it’s called the social web or social networking site in which people talk and interact.  I feel if I follow allows and try to start a conversation and show my interest and they don’t reply back or just reply with a simple thanks all the time, then what they hell am I following them for?  I need to remove their CANDY ASSES off my twitter, for I am not begging them for anything, or spamming them, or even depending on them for information or what so ever.

So I am aiming to drop a good 50 to 100 following by the end of the day from twitter.  The people may be interesting at the time I followed to see what they were doing or who they are as a person, but clearly most of them are there just to receive fame or whine and chatter about their daily lives of nothingness for the norm.

Time to De-Clutter my Life and my Social Network
see you soon

Do you have a  twitter?  What do you do on twitter?  Do you follow unnecessary people or brands?

Thanks for reading

Oh yea, if you want to interact and chit-chat with me…follow me on twitter, I will definitely talk with you…let’s tweet each other.  @rawmultimedia

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Google+ vs Apple vs Facebook vs Twitter vs Tumblr – Who is ready to compete?

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

Google is a powerhouse that houses a lot of great services.  Many are scatter all over the place, but with Google+, they are bringing everything into one.  Though it’s still in its early stage, Google is out to glory.  Though many would say Google+ replicates Twitter + Tumblr to compete in the social networking world against jagernaut Facebook, I think they are right for doing so.  I think it took them a bit too long to figure out and execute this new direction, but so far they seem to be ready to rock and roll and improve.

Apple seems to be a bit back on the race in my eyes, though they have gain some much exposure and loyal members to #teamiPhone and #teamMac and the (iPod and iPad in which I think are hands down the best in its class as entertainment devices and tablets)…Apple might want if not already plotting to jump in the race while they still have placement and fame over Microsoft in which to me isn’t going anywhere past the greatness of it’s most premier ownership which is the online gaming with the XBOX 360.

I feel Google and Google+ will be a win down the line, if they advertise greatly to the crowd by large and work on more unique offerings for people to propel to the use of their system as they did when first arrived on the scene.

I feel if apple were to buy Twitter and Tumblr, but not become control freaks as they are with almost all of their products in which works tredmenously for them over the last years, I feel they would have a lot of sticking power to be ahead of the flock against Google, Facebook and Microsoft.

Let’s see what may happen over next couple months by the time of November and apple rolls out iCloud and OS 5 to the world.

Thanks for reading