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X Rated Quickie

Sugar (Gimme Some)
Sugar (Gimme Some) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I need it fast,
I don’t want it slow,
I need it now,
Because I really got to go,
Show me all the smiles,
Leave all the fake moans behind,
Gimme it to me raw and real,
Because we already know the deal,
Love me now never you wait,
When its over I will be waving to you from the gate,

What do you think?  Did you like it?

*This poem is for when you want that real love quick and fast, no timing to be counting if its real or not, we not here to do the math.  This is for when you want the real deal up front, no sugar coating.

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Richardo Wilson

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My New York City Lifestyle: Spring Fashion is Hot, Sexy and Cute [#MNYCL]

My New York City Lifestyle - rawmultimedia

Fashion Long Hairstyles-4
Fashion Long Hairstyles-4 (Photo credit: Agnes Jr)

I have been out and about a lot as of late.  I even took count that on an average I am in and out of the door about 4-8 times a day.  That is quite surprising to me, as I know I am a busy guy, but I usually go out and do a million things then come back, but now it’s more of doing that 4x – 8x more times, ouch.  I have seen lots of new fashion and styles as I visit many different parts of New York City and seeing what new things people are into.  I usually pass by the street vendors and peep in on what they have to offer as well of the super awesome fashion stores such as Juicy Couture, H&M, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, Hollister, and other high fashion boutiques.  I actually plan on working with a few fashion bloggers,  make-up artists, and fashion designers to create some really cool things for their audience as well as just add some creativity to the world.

I really would like to work with one of these or couple of these great boutiques and help bring them some exposure for their cool offerings and style, for some are really small and hidden in the city and would do well with so type of advertising.  With that said I guess I have my work cut out for me.

As a told a few people I am entering the fashion world, (training heavily to tone and craft my body and being shopping to elevate my style) in which a few or I guess all of them don’t take me serious, I guess because I am a real comedian in their eyes, I am love fashion and I love all things that are creative and sexy.  So as of May I will be entering this field, and I am excited about what I will contribute to it.

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no photography this episode, but do check out my first [MNYCL] post to follow the series…-> The City That Don’t Sleep

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“You are SEXY, so believe it”

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She Knows She Is Sexy

A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy
Image via Wikipedia

She walking in front of me swaying those sexy hips,
So damn close to touch I have to resist,
She knows she is sexy.

Talking on the phone late night with her sweet sexy voice,
Just a whisper from her drives me wild thinking of those sexy lips so moist,
She knows she is sexy.

Her in some lingerie or a see through bikini leaves me frozen so breathless,
She seduce me with her moves, so graceful, she is my temptress
She knows she is sexy.

Women has the features, the style, the sexual appeal to make a man crumble to his knees, he can’t resist if he wants her because to him she is the best ever he will ever have.  Love, Sex and Relationships is what we try to build and achieve, we take the time to find out how each are inside so deep, then let go of our insecurities for now they will become a team.

Sexy Woman and  Hot Guy…it’s all about the perception of whoever vision it is, I wish everyone the best in love, now and beyond death, is just a heavenly bliss.

Do you think you are sexy?  What are your views on sex and sexuality?  What are your views on love and romance?

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