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Strategy and Consistency vs A Zombie Apocalypse

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle
Melbourne Zombie Shuffle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Strategy and Consistency is the key to win.  I am starting my 2013 Milestones early.  Forget about the end of the world, if I comes it comes.  If a Zombie Apocalypse happens as well, I am ready for that too.  I have a shiny cool sword that I am dying to master as a swordsman/ninja.  But beyond of the humor, to achieve the goals I want next year, strategy and consistency will be my major tools to win.

I am lucky to have natural talent, creativity and a tremendous work ethics in embedded in me, and with new measurable focus, I shall be standing to achieve some great milestones for 2013.

Are you starting your goals early?  What are your main focus for the new year?  What are your keywords or motivational words of 2013?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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blogging · Postaday2012 · Project365


Crashed Toyota Matrix
Crashed Toyota Matrix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow, what a year 2012 has been for me.  I have been super stressed out for the last couple days.  Everything I worked hard for in 2012 with taking no vacation are now showing the light of day and they are stressing me out.  I have been climbing the wall of creative and the corporate ladder since the beginning of the year, and I have finally reached the skill level I wanted and needed to be.  I am finally on a one week vacation from the world, but can’t totally enjoy it in a certain fashion I wanted to via I have a few extremely important projects to release.

I have this curse in with is fall the “Fall/Winter Curse” in which I spoke about before, that has haunted me for over 4 years now.  Any projects I try to release between September to December of the year has failed.  I don’t mean they weren’t down or finished, they were just never released.  This is the most stressed part of the year for me.  So everything gets delayed.

What a great One Year on Flickr!
What a great One Year on Flickr! (Photo credit: Monroe’s Dragonfly)

This year is different via I set up everything to break the curse and finally put it to rest.  But somehow it has risen its head in a different form.  All the things I wanted happened for the most part has happened and has unlocked better opportunities, in which has shifted my projects from being released.  I am highly upset via I put a lot of time and passion into the build of these project to possibly see them get pushed or washed away to the side with new ideas, and another entire year of delivering the project properly and be as effective as I know it can be.

So as of today, Dec. 10, 2012, I shall be pulling my hair out in madness for the next 3 weeks until December 31, 2012, to release the greatness of art and passions I have created to share with the world.

How are you doing this winter/Christmas season?  Is there any stress you are experiencing?

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson

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Blogging, Living, Writing, Learning, and Life

A Christmas Carol (1971 film)
A Christmas Carol (1971 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some days I want to write and some days I want to shoot photos.  I am pretty much all over the place and really have been working on simplifying my life.  It’s pretty hard for me to lock down a steady writing schedule for my blog via I am involved in a great deal of production and learning.  I am going to seminars, classes and doing some internship to advance my knowledge in Psychology, Social Issues as well as going for my Masters within Media Arts, Film-making and Business Administration.  It’s quite a hard task to balance it all but I am in love with learning and a challenge.  I am the kind of guy that don’t like excuses, I am pretty understanding, but I do aim to keep my word no matter what.  I am very passionate about my blog it‘s my gateway to everyone.

Very Important:

I truly appreciate everyone who has passed by my blog and keeping up with me and leaving comments.   I do read them all, but don’t get to respond to all of them in which I should try my very best to do.   Also a bid an Open Welcome to all my new followers and fellow bloggers, I see you.  🙂  I don’t know how to really thank everyone, but to offer great content and offer my help to those who need it.  Thank you for subscribing my following my blog.  I know it’s a bit odd of a place with random postings, but overall it’s my personal blog and my way to connect with others such as myself on a personal level.  I like to keep things clean and down to earth.


I decided to try a new thing in which I write solutions for problems, issues we have as people and much others.  It’s something I picked up along my independent research on the web.  My Recipes are more like quick tips, advice, quotes, tidbits, in which I have researched and created myself that I  find very helpful.  I also got these new productivity line of products I am developing exclusively for my blog and website.  I just want to help others and see them reach to their full potential to help themselves as well as others.  So those shall be coming your way very soon.

Contests & Giveaways:

I have tested this out before and never got to do it again via I got pretty busy, but I am bringing it into play in the best season of the year for giving away gifts, Christmas.  So please believe someone will be getting some goodies and great gifts this Christmas via my blog and facebook page.  I am going to the post office to pick up some flat-rate shipping boxes, envelopes and stamps to get these gifts to who ever wins.  I shall be doing a giveaway and a contest every month.  I am trying to aim for 2 per month.  So get ready for fun.

AA-branded 110 Film Camera, Yesterday
AA-branded 110 Film Camera, Yesterday (Photo credit: Arty Smokes (deaf mute))

Curator & Creator:

I live to be creative.  I which I love to meet others who are creative and passionate about what they do.  I have started a series in which is called “Subscriber Interview” in which I interview subscribers to my blog I find interesting and have awesome blogs.  I have been feeling so sad that I didn’t get to continue the series, but I was using that format as a test for something greater in which I am ready to bring to the world very soon called “The Raw Interview“.  I like to ask other interesting questions and bring a bit of fun to interviews instead of just asking boring repetitive questions.  My goal is to extract unique qualities, facts, background from others and introduce them to others in the world.  I find it exciting when you can related to others and learn someone’s story.  I guess that’s why I enjoy reading autobiographies as well writing an autobiography myself.  I like to discover, and share interesting things by others you might not know exist.

Health, Diet & Fitness:

I having a growing love for healthy living and fitness, as well I know it’s one of the many issues people have in our society.  I want to educate others on simple things they can do to live a long and healthy life.  I have a few “Recipes” I will introduce to you, as well create few quick tips videos to watch in order as show and tell to get you up and active instead of just reading.

film night | self portrait
film night | self portrait (Photo credit: Adam Foster | Codefor)

My Photography:

I have working on my film work than photography in which at the beginning of the year I vow to quit.  I found a new love for photography in which I been really trying to break into a new audience with abstract, art, travel and fashion photography.  I will never put my camera down, for it’s like my best friend in the world.  So watch out for those coming your way.  Most of photography will be on photography page as well as a blog I created dedicated to my film work and photos called: This Is My New York City.

Now I do know that was a mouthful and hope you bear with me as I stitch together an awesome writing schedule and the most awesome blog for everyone to be entertained, educated and inspired.  So don’t be shy and share my name and blog with friends as well as introduce me to others you find awesome and interesting, I love hear from everyone and be friends.  It’s all about stick together, supporting and being a community.  Just know I am a ninja of the web, and I get around in stealth, so I see you all.  Weird huh? 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving and looking forward to an awesome Christmas.  Be safe and stay blessed.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson