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If you see a tree such as this out there, holla at me ASAP.  Where are the MONEY TREE’s in the world? They probably got raided already, just my luck.


Money Tree
Money Tree

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Money Monday #6 – Be Safe and Get Insurance for Home, Work and Play

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Welcome to another edition of #MM # Money Monday, your weekly guide to better money management and more.

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The Money Tweet “#MT”: “#mm #MoneyMonday ” Be on the safe side and get insurance, It will save money in the long run and just the best way to go #money #work #play”

Today’s post is about, being safe and get insurance.  It’s always the best route to go being insured, whether its is for home, work or play.  Although paying for insurance may cost money and we sometimes may whine about how costly it may be at times, but when it really matters it sure comes in handy.

Home: At home being insured is important whether it is health insurance or property insurance its smart to get it.  You don’t want to have an incident happen such as a slip or fall and end up in the hospital with quite a tab to pay for a simple mistake.  Even just a mere check up can cost an arm or a leg to some.  Another incident or accident such as a natural disaster or malfunction of wiring can cost you your home or equipment.  Be safe, smart and invest in some insurance.  Research for some options today.

Work: At work we have also options for insurance.  Best you get familiar with your work place offerings, whether part-time or full-time, if none is available, be sure you have your own as backup or work on getting into a job that can provide some proper insurance.  Insure you car, your equipment and etc if you use these are business or money-making tools, for if they break, you don’t want to have to come out-of-pocket at some crazy amount to replace or fix something that could of being cover under warranty.  My rule is usually if it cost over $100, get it insured or add warranty.

Play: For all my tech fans and gadget fans, I offer the same advise, that Ipod, IPhone, Blackberry, Xbox 360, ps3, d-slr camcorder or camera, do yourself the justice and throw on some insurance at least 1-3 years.  You never know what might happen, that $30-$70 bucks can definitely save you from another $350 or more.

When I say get insurance, remember everyone needs are quite different, so find ones that suit you best and not a burden to your pocket.  For high-priced equipment, motor vehicles and health insurance the price might be quite high, but think about the peace of mind it might save you knowing you are backed up.  Do your research. And for all who don’t have insurance or simply can’t afford it, please be safe, very cautious and be smart.

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“Remember to always get your money right.”

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