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Tell Me Where It Hurts


Tell me where it hurts,
For the pain is to hard,
Tell me where it hurts,
For the burden is to heavy to bear,
Tell me where it hurts,
For love is not the same in everyone,
Tell me where it hurts,
For my problems don’t seem to go away,
Tell me where is hurts,
I am living on earth with a curse,

I can’t see where my life is headed,
I can’t see why these struggles have not left yet,
Is it the faith that I am lacking,
It’s there no one that can guide my thoughts,
I may need a helping hand,
But does that have to come with a cost?

These are just the thoughts spiraling through my head,
Almost every minute of the waking day,
Each and every night that I rest,
I just need the bravery and energy to say,
I long for it to not hurt anymore,
I pray for an opening to that golden door.

*I truly hope his poem touches someone inside for I know the pains that you go through, I want to let you know that you are not alone. I want to help anyone I could whether it’s just words or knowledge, but I want to create solutions I life to help relieve the hurt and pain we carry upon our shoulders and replace it with joy and that you may one whole the power to create that same feeling for someone else in need.

This is a personal goal of mines for my blog, videos and my lifestyle is to help and show people the way to live life differently and create possibilities and memories. This is Richardo’s Creative Lifestyle and Rick Loves Media for through the things we create and think, we can make a better life.

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Richardo Wilson

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