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Who Would Have Thought: Shower Curtains and Drapes [Workout]

Girl in shower
Girl in shower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who would have thought putting up Shower Curtains and Drapery would be such a workout…I am guessing women with a home of their own.  I went the difficult routine to take them down and put up fresh ones as the dirty ones went to the laundry.  The constant reaching up and hooking the curtains worked out the arms as well as the abs for holding the position and curtain up as you find the hole to hook them.

Well that workout was fun.

I look forward to the next time.

Any comments, leave them below… 🙂

PS: Create a happy home and share the responsibilities of the house.

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Richardo Wilson

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On The 7th Day For the Win



funny_cats_a (Photo credit: DrJohnBullas)


Not everyday we must work, do I choose to either way.  But on the 7th day of work is where I win with happiness.




7 Ways To Win




  1. Waking up as late I want to.  After 6 days of straight work, I think I am allowed to at least sleep in.
  2. Walking around the house with no pants.  I bet that’s the high life for some people.
  3. Making whatever I want for breakfast, most likely some left over pizza and a cup of coffee, why not, there is no rules.
  4. Seeing 20 missed text messages and calls, and figure who ever left those had to be desperate, lonely or very important, but still think to self, I have no time for that.
  5. Deciding to walk around with a pillow in hand and headphones on to block the traffic of sound, and which ever location you end up, there is something soft to lay on.  (sleepy time)
  6. Trying to think of some work that needs to get done, get confused and say forget it and create a better plan of doing nothing. (I think I have tried this a few times in life, lol.)
  7. No matter what time of day it is, there is nothing better than watching some classic movies of comedy and humor or Tv Shows on Netflix, while wrapped up in the sheets. (Now that’s the life, and the win.)


Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty (Photo credit: Vermin Inc)


What do you do on the 7th day?




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6 Ridiculous Things I Did This Week

Ridiculous (Photo credit: victoriafee)

My weeks are never the same.  I never follow the same routine, there is always an alternative or a modified version of action.  I believe in living a fun and creative life taking advantage of the simple things in life and enjoying them to the fullest potential but some days I just find myself doing silly things.  I humor myself with some of the things I choose to do to just make my life different and unique.  Here are Six Ridiculous Things I Did This Week.

1. I ran 2 miles to work to avoid being late.  I am very determined, in which a simple call to my employer to say I was going to me a mere 2 minutes off, but I decided to beat the clock and I won.

2. Forgot to comb my hair before work, and found a plastic fork and hit the bathroom and combed my hair with a fork, and mind you, I did  pretty good job based on my options. 🙂

3. I told a customer to call me at work if she needs help with an item.  As much as I love to help others and I go above and beyond for my clients and customers, why would I need another person calling me to ask for FREE TECH SUPPORT, truly I that’s too much, and when I said it, I was like here goes more un-monetized favors.

4. Wore dark shades to the gym in the night like 10pm.  It was quite funny via I was rapping super loud as I was on the street, and the lady at the front desk was confused I wore dark colorful shades at night and then into the gym.

5. I go through some old documents pile to look for a photography flash mount for my Canon camera to then find it and bunch of old ideas papers and other equipments.  As I keep being amazed by all the great things I found and kept taking them out of their compact hiding spot, now I created clutter and a mess, and had to leave the house to come back to a pile of old stuff and was a bit lazy to put back.  I think 2014 is a good year to return to this with my busy schedule.

6. I texted a friend while talking to them via Facebook messenger on the computer thinking that they would convert the conversation to texting as they kept writing via the Facebook messenger until they finally decided to stop writing in the messenger.  I kept looking at my phone and the messenger to see if a new message was going to come through via the conversation wasn’t over, but none came through.  Why did I even hold my breath. smh

Which one of my ridiculous things did you find silly or funny?

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