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Pop Tarts and Red Wine

Blue-tinted pop tart
Blue-tinted pop tart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I try my very best to stay active, I like to be on the go.  People say, “Hey Rick, you are always busy…” and I reply sometimes saying “Doing what may I ask?” and often they say “I don’t know, you are always just doing something, you are everywhere.”  They are exactly right via I that’s how I chose to live my life, by experiencing new things everyday if I could.

When I am not out and about I am usually front of the computer slaving away for hours, learning, marketing, testing and creating things for the world to enjoy (especially you).  So when I am trapped in front on the computer, I need snacks and distractions in which I have a list of foods I must have near by.

The snacks of choice most days out of any includes:
Red Wine (for editing videos)
Sunflower Seeds (I prefer ranch)
Water (Got to drink drink drink, to stay pure)
Pop Tarts (so yummy)

So to keep myself from leaving my chair for hours to edit say a sketch comedy video while laughing my butt off, editing music videos or photography, creating websites or blogging, I munch of my favorite (DONT MOVE FROM HERE) snacks.  I love them for they work well and also not too unhealthy, in which on certain days of the weeks I usually have a salad with caesar dressing or an apple in the refrigerator ready to go to keep me good and filled.

What are your favorite snacks?  What type of food do you enjoying eating?  What tickle your taste buds?

PS: I don’t always eat so healthy, I do love my frozen treats.  The healthy treat is yougurts and not so healthy ice-cream.  I just love those.

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Richardo Wilson
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No Burgers, No Beer for 30 Days, But Red Wine is Fine

The beer selection at Dulles Airport wasn't al...
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I have noticed my body has been changing in certain aspects and I think it’s the food I have been eating.  I usually have a reward system in place each year in which I move to different food groups that are just tasty to me.  Though I try to stick to a certain diet, at the end of the week of a hard-working week, via I work very hard, I would reward myself with a treat.

Previous years it was a 6 pack of mojitos, jerk chicken, a golden crust chicken patty, cake, ice cream, a bottle of Barefoot Riesling wine (in which I still drink now and then) and couple other items.  This year or well over the last couple months, it was pizza, random burgers and a can of Coors beer.  All of those delicious, but not too healthy in the ways I want to transform my body.

English: Jerk chicken, rice, honey biscuit pla...
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I don’t normally consume a lot of each item, but it’s usually once a week say Saturday or Sunday, my chilled days I would go an enjoy those while kicking back watching netflix, dvds, HBO on demand, playing some video games.  So like every year I try to challenge myself against things I like to see if I can do without them and exclude them from my normal routine.

So I really want a lean, mean body this year like I had couple years ago, and my eating habits have been hindering those advancements, for I go to the gym and do solid workouts 5 days a week (i will show you videos and photos soon enough of my work outs to see my variations).  So I really want to kick some unhealthy calorie butt this month and other months to come, so bye-bye burgers and beer, I might revisit you guys later, but for now, let’s see if you guys are stopping my weight loss and nice 6 pack abs I been working on.

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Have you ever tried a 30 day challenge?  Did you know it takes about 30 days to create or break a habit?  You should try it today, and challenge yourself to a better lifestyle or towards a goal.


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Richardo Wilson

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So Yummy Mushroom and Olive Pizza – [#photography]

Mushroom and Olive Pizza

So Yummy Mushroom & Olive Pizza – (11/365)

Info: If you know me, I am a big fan of food, and pizza is one of my favorite yummy food to eat. I need to learn how to make a pizza one day. Anyways I was in the city (west village, new york) going to a party and decided to grab some grub, pizza and fries. I was so amazing so I decided to snap a few photos in the pizza joint and saw an entrée of delicious pizzas, and decided I will share what I saw with others.

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