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BREAKING 450,000 Views

Tech Rick - RawMultimedia Photography - Cine ArtI don’t really make posts on my viewership anymore, but I am had to write this for myself.  Leaving March 2015, after falling short in February, I have broken the chain and now own a website with over 450,000 views, and having viewers and readers from over 200 countries in the world.  I have to thank myself for the hard work and focus.  I have to thank the fellow bloggers that follow and comment on my blog posts.

It’s officially spring time in New York City, and I am working hard on my print work projects, and my outreach program to get to the bigger pool of creatives in multimedia.  RawMultimedia over the years have changed so much and grown.  I love that I have an ongoing digital reminder of what I have done.  And I plan to really give you all over moneys worth when it comes to creative photography and more for the entire spring and summer months.

April is upon us, in which I plan to jump into National Poetry Writing Month, and hopefully write a few gem of creative works to maybe put in my autobiography.  I ready to write, I am ready to collaborate, and I am ready to entertain.  Thank you so much.

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Photo Credit: Richardo A Wilson

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Beauty and Style, Arts and Craft

arts and craft

I have always been a creative person ever seen my primary school days (aka elementary school days for the United States residents), but I have mostly applied my talent to more digital works such as music, videos, photos and design work for websites and blog.  I have been craving to get my hands dirty and create something physically.  I want to birth an artistic creation in fashion, art and style.  This weekend I plan to design something cool.

I am going use a few miscellaneous things I have archived over the years to create something new that I will love to showcase.  Even if it ain’t dope, I am going rock it with pride, for it is my creation.  Have you ever wanted to just create something?  Do you remember the younger years in your life when the teachers use to give you glue and some fudge stick or glitter to go crazy with?

I am think I might create a bracelet, necklace or something in that fashion.  I might even attempt to draw something, knowing for damn sure I can’t draw.  Either way it comes out, it will make for an entertaining and fun post to look and get a good laugh at.  But you won’t laugh will you right? (lol)  Either way stay tuned next week for the results.

I am just in a new creative zone and light and want to add to the art form of life.  What do you think I should create?  Have you created anything you are willing to share?  Feel free to drop a link and I will check it out.

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Richardo Wilson

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I Could Quench Your Thirst With This…

Every Six Seconds
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I can see the saliva dripping down from your lips, you want this don’t you, you want this…It’s what you wake up each morning and beg that you get to taste, you rush and get ready for it for there is no time to waste, you ask for it night and day, you even demand it on the radio if they could play it for you everyday, you might even chase a world-class sprinter if they had it in their hand, you would drive your car fast cutting through traffic if you can, you want it, yea I know you want it, you want it here there and everywhere, you would create wings and fly into the atmosphere, you long for this quenching satisfaction, you fantasize about its interaction, you love it, yea I know you love it, you can already feel it on the tip of your lips, you want it to quench your thirst just like this…a kiss.

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My alternate ending would have been…THE PURPLE STUFF!!!

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