I have way too many things on my plate, like literally, I need to stop eating certain foods and break away from bad habits. Most likely I need to stay away from certain stores and people, they are bad influences. So had a good run going for converting to Vegan and then I was forced to eat some amazing chicken (something another), some Spanish food…

Oh yea, I do admit my failures… failures are key motivators in life. Also I failed at my 300 sit-ups a day for 60 days. I am just failing all summer… but today the 9th I started back over and working towards the big goal once again.

I need to be tougher and stricter. Strength No Weakness



Life as a writer is coming back to me. I am finally going to be dropping amazing articles and videos. I am trying to work out a style first though too. So ummm, wow, my intro to this post is terrible. I want it to be natural thought as I free write this gem of a post.

Welcome to a new month, August, it has arrived. I am going to lead this month with my (2) challenges, which are going Vegan for 30-60 Days and also releasing a post every day without missing one.

It’s don’t seem hard, but when you run 3 blogs, 2 youtube channels, and consult for others, it’s a lot to do, as well as going to the gym 5 days a week. OMG am I about to ruin my life?

Let’s find out.

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