Can’t We Just Love Each Other, Let’s Just Get Married Already

Why has the question has to be asked, do we fear love? Do we fear people? Are we just running away from the truth? Let this poem speak to you

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Can’t We Just Love Each Other, Let’s Just Get Married Already

lets get married, marriage, husband and wife, love

Circling around pain,
It’s a shame,
Game messed up,
It’s all the same,
People can’t commit,
Feelings don’t mean ish,
I want a way out,
None in sight so I shout,
Can’t we just love one again,
Social media has us throwing subs at our friends,
Men ain’t real in woman eyes,
Women ain’t queen in men eyes,
But fearing each other,
Can’t be too soft,
Can’t we just get married,
And create a new start,
Love when we want to,
Love because we can,
Work on stay together,
Create a lifetime plan,
Love is amazing,
Love is heavenly,
Love is free,
But why can’t we subscribe to this plan?


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