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Is my juice dried up?  I just don’t know…What to write about these days?  I just don’t know… It’s like my wings have been clipped, and I had all the potential to fly.  Should I talk through this moment, or find a corner to cry? (poetic right?)  Well, that’s my feeling today, I was all for Hello October, and how the fall is so great, to be back to, now what? and what direction should my life be set to take.  After trying to edit a few videos and photos from just about a week ago or two, I can’t seem to focus myself and decided to check up on my stats and the hard work I was putting in for the year.

As I was looking through my stats and my blogging posting habits & potentials, I saw a crazy growth in traffic, but less posting from myself.  I must say it was quite shocking, for I can’t believe there was such a dip.  I am a numbers guy, and facts & truths are my best friend, but coming off a high of 2014 of 359 posts, and 2015 of 421 posts, I am just this year sitting at a mere 132.  Like oh my god, wow…  How can this be?  I love to share and post creative and cool things and ideas, and it just seems this year, I fell off.


I know you can’t be golden every single year, and of course you do at times burn out a bit.  But I felt I was in my prime, I was going to be that person and machine of creativity and consistency I always knew I had in me.  But being a blogger/writer about 7 years now, with quite a few highlights to brag and not brag about I guess, this is just that moment you have to make a full stop and look at myself.

Yes I do need a vacation, why am I not taking one?  Hmmmm?  I am working on multiple projects and building a brand from scratch.  These efforts of working and building I knew was going to take me away from what made me a staple in the blogging world, but it’s not something I like to take easy.  2016, has changed me a lot, I must say.  I went from promotion to promotion and even funded a new business.  I can say I am doing good, and could be doing much better.  I just want to write more.


I love to see when my words and thoughts are displayed on the screen, and engaging and interacting with people.  I guess social media has taken the cake on those aspects, so that is where the world lives.  To keep up with the times, we all seem to be doing the same thing.  I just really wanted to write today and express how much I miss writing.  I felt in the previous years, I had a great deal of more joy than this one.  I have to find something to combat this feeling…Until then see you soon. 🙂


Let me know your thoughts…

Question: Have you fell off of something you loved doing in 2016?


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Richardo A. Wilson


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There are going to be those days, when you feel like someone took an opportunity away from you or denied you access to something you wanted.  The feeling is so hard to carry as it will feel like someone clipped your wings when you were trying to fly.  That’s just life, for you.  You have to wear that thick skin and armor and be ready for all challenges.  We can be prepared as can be and things can still go to the worse.  But I am not going to say to not cry over it, go ahead, let it out, you have to.  After the time has passed, give your style a grace period, for some it’s short, for others it may be extended, but don’t you sulk in those woes.  Find a friend or motivation and explode back on the scene, and keep your head up.  There will be good days and bad, but you can control your happiness and the next moves you make.  Be safe and blessed.

Photo by Ericana

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Richardo A. Wilson