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CRASHED THE PARTY…100,000 times!!!



This is exactly how my face looked (above picture) when I found out I hit 100,000 views for the year thus far.

Beating my 2013 record by 2x, beating my 2012 record by a few hundred, and 3 weeks away (calculated) to beat my all time high year of 2011.

I am all about celebrating my small victories and big ones.  I worked super hard this year on my blog and website and writing, by far my best works to date within the year to know its being recognized both by a community of my peers, an audience and overall viewership, I am naturally excited.  It’s like my baby I been nurturing won an award for excellent grades at school.  I am a proud parent.

I plan to buy my baby a gift for its tremendous efforts and communication skills to reach the world through words.

Do you celebrate the small victories and outstanding performances you accomplished within your day-to-day life?

If you don’t you should do it more often…Be happy you are doing good, especially if you worked hard for it.

Share your thoughts and opinions… 🙂

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