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Driven, so ambitious,
Relentlessly achieving great things.

Share your thoughts and opinions… 🙂

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11 thoughts on “DRIVEN

    1. You are very much right…I would say driven is the start and being ambitious is the continuation of being driven. So you can be driven by ambition to reach where it is you would like, so wouldn’t that be the correlated with just being ambitious. Well it’s a micro poem so I was just aiming to keep on track and use as little words as possible and get other’s input on the post.

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  1. This simple question of differentiating 2 synonymous words does makes sense.. 🙂 Though the word ambitious always has a dark tail on it.. driven is more aspiring to mentally absorb. English isn’t my native tongue, perhaps being that I have a different concept on some words

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    1. Yea, I don’t think there is a dark tail to being ambitious, it’s all based on the person it’s related too. For example, I am very ambitious, and it comes from my ambitions to be a great writer and communicator. I am driven everyday to write and share my thoughts and welcome the thoughts of others, and show the world things they might not be aware of.

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    1. Well If you need any tips or help in blogging and writing and how to build a good following or audience around your writings, I am always available to help and share what works for me and what may work for you. 🙂

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    1. Oh why thank you. Thanks so much, I believe they do too. It’s not enough to just write and post, but I also engage with people in my day to day and share. I also love to learn from others and if I learn something great I like to talk about it with others and get input. So I try each week to find new ways to reach a bigger crowd to share my thoughts and listen to other’s thoughts as well. A good balance.

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      1. It is an effort that deserves recognition, that’s what reading is all about. My friends used to tease me for reading and commenting on 300 emails of blogpost from those i follow everyday…But I can’t help myself but say something lol., It is the same as much as I want to know if others finds my posts sensible and readable enough.

        Thank you for you brain exercise post lol ♥

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