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Hidden, in disguise,
Not seen.

Share your thoughts and opinions… 🙂

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9 thoughts on “HIDDEN

      1. I think you are just fine, you can’t to be strict on yourself…Only when you try will you learn and be better, but if you let it hold you back you might be giving up on learning and being better in a progressive way than fearing what others may say. Look at it like this, there is a lot of english speaking people I know and they suck at grammar and never think before writing and don’t even go back and edit things they write. If you made an error or some corrected you, all you can do is say thank you and go in and edit and you are all fine. I may write well, but I make mistakes as well and is happy when someone spots them and help me correct them. Those are called real friends and supporters.

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      2. I have on in my eyes a cartoon character ♥ thanks for giving me a boost of confidence. I am trying and that is why I stick on reading, commenting and re-read it again..because I need to absorb it… I’m a tough sponge sometimes.

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      3. Well you are very much welcome…I am following you, so I will keep my eyes on you. But as long as you keep on writing you will be fine. 🙂 And trust me the people you comment on their posts, they appreciate your thoughts and viewpoints. You are wonderful.

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