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As I fight with the pillow trying the best way to get comfortable to start my binge watching of Netflix, I came upon my latest and greatest new guilty pleasure.  From the way I was laughing, crazy to my everyday norm of laughing…And yes I laugh everyday.  I laugh for the madness and sadness of life, then when something is funny I laugh a littler harder and frequent.  Anyways, I catching up on my RSS feed, and curiosity found me on a page on Mashable.comSocial Media Safety for Kids” in which I found out about two new, well fairly new sites kids frequently go to, since they technically rule the internet anyways.  I found much interest in Whisper and Secret.  It’s pretty much two niche social media sites in which you can anonymously share thoughts, rants and others deep thoughts to the world or who so ever and interact and comment.  Also the premises of these social media is that they don’t collect or store any of your information.  I usually believe all those sites are a lie when it comes to things like that to some degree, but hey, if you going to use them, then you going to use them.  When you done having your fun or exploring or get what you trying to get or fail at it, you will delete it.  Simple don’t you think?

pillow fight bed

Anyways, after this post and probably every other night or so I plan on getting a go laugh and sharing some of the funny posts I run into.  I might even take it a bit further and write about a whole post on the subject matter.  Well here ends my post, go check them out, they are really interesting places and apps you can also download on your Apple iPhone iOS device or Google Android device.


Let me know what you think…

Do you have any cool “Guilty Pleasures”?

Share your thoughts and opinions… 🙂

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