There was a time in life I had no words,
There was a time in life, I couldn’t build up the nerves,
To create what I wanted,
Or say what I need to say,
Today on my 5th Blog Anniversary,
I have seen change,
I have seen growth,
And all I want it more,
And to be able to touch the world,
Change people’s views and perceptions of not being able to do something different,
To when do I start, and watch me make something happen,
Let my beginning and my continuation be tool,
As you be the judge of what I can do.

Thank you everyone who has followed and been a good friend or learned something, I am happy to still be here and still able to do my best.  Tomorrow is near, and tomorrow can change everything, but you can always start today…


Happy 5th Year to Me…

Share your thoughts and opinions… 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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