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As the final day of summer is among us, and Labor Day is tomorrow, how can I sum up my summer of 2014?  I can only say, it was different, exciting and impressive.  So with the final 4 months of the year starting tomorrow, simply peeking it head out through the door, it’s time to put it to good use.  And when I say good use, I mean it’s time to create a few challenges.

I had a few challenges in mind and I want to really be in an intense focus mode to accomplish all these challenges, as a bad curse I always fail on all projects in these upcoming months.  I have changed and I have realized what my life is meant to be like and it’s is the source of opportunity, knowledge and inspiration for others.  When I win at life, everyone I come encounter with will as well.

Here are “8 Goals” I want to achieve by the end of 2014.  Are you ready?  Do you have any goals for yourself as well?

8 Goals to End 2014

1. Publish (2) Books

2. Increase my subscribers past 1,500 on my blog.

3. Produced (3) Short Films

4. Be featured in the newspaper.

5. Lose 25 lbs.

6. Write my best pieces ever in September with new series “Life Unscripted”.

7. Collaborate with (4) creative friends and peers and make unique projects.

8. KICK BUTT and live more

Share your thoughts and opinions… 🙂

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