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I remembered it like it was just yesterday when I said the was going to find my own path.  I was going to craft my own route and live unscripted in my journey to self and authenticity in the world of media & art while building a legacy.  There are not many like me with my skill set and drive of ambition to open up a sector of the world with accolade of potentials.  I am just now reaching these higher levels without falling back on past failures.  I see them as truly blessings rained down on me.  It a world where most fail via they lack knowledge, passion and consistency, I don’t jump my gun on too many risks but climb in good speed to a measurable growth stream.  This post is just a post remind myself to keep believing in myself and also remind others to be yourself and aim for the goals you want to reach and keep at those goals and dreams.  Those grueling obstacles and practices you force yourself into with proper timing, knowledge and foreshadowing shall land you in a good sense of self and accomplishment in die time.

Even though I am not every transparent in exactly what I am completely mentioning as I have grown within myself.  I no longer brag or rave about my achievements, for they are my personal wins I am proud of and are not meant to be told to every single person but only those who cares and want to achieve greatness for themselves without making the world force them into directions they need not go or envisions themselves.  Craft out your own path and see it through.

Do you remember the beginning to journey you made to now realize the work and focus you put in is paying off gracefully?

Share your thoughts and opinions… 🙂


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One thought on “MY QUEST FROM ZERO

  1. You are doing great! It’s awesome to see your growth. 🙂
    And yes, I remember the start of my journey as well. When I look back I am always like ‘Wow!’. Still can’t believe how much things can change in such little time. 🙂
    Hugz & Love ❤


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