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So if you didn’t know RawMultimedia my blog, is a Lifestyle & Entertainment brand.  Sometimes simple texts and awesome written poetry and images are not enough to hold someone’s attention, then BAM here comes the over saturated meme industry. 🙂

But I have my own unique thoughts and concepts of images via I create mood with my posts and can relate to real issues.  Here are a two FAILED MEMES I created to explain life’s issues.

meme funny vine instagram humor


Our dreams to be somebody sometimes takes the education route of college and more, in which when independent comes with some drop backs like debt.  We create opportunities for ourselves through school that comes with a hefty price tag.  Trust me it hurts, ouch.  A life in debt is crazy. So be smart, before you become like the meme above.

meme funny vine comedy instagram - lend me money


Do you have that friend or family member that always borrowing money and they give you that look and the explanation about how they are going to pay you back?  They know and you know for certain they never going to pay you back and you can’t help but shake your head like, OMG this foolishness again. 🙂  Life is real folks, and also funny when it repeats itself in certain ways.

Let me know if any these situations ever happened to you.

Share your thoughts and opinions… 🙂


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2 thoughts on “FAILED “REAL LIFE” MEMES #Humor

  1. O yes, I have family and friends like that! Lol.
    But you know, although I know that they’re not going to pay me back, I still give them the money. I just consider it a gift then 😉
    Hugz ❤


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