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Happy Beginnings Sad Endings - RawMultimedia Photography

This is the example of a fluff post, well it started that way until I got the thinking as I started writing the post, and things changed for the good.  As a writer, a bad idea can always turn into a good post, sometimes so you got to take risks at times.  As you may know when it comes to life, there are unexpected events that happens, but there is usually a trend to a few things sometimes.  For example relationships may start nice and exciting and then ends in heart-break.  Another instant or two may be using drugs or even a job may start off all cool then the ending is not always pretty.  This post is just to let you know to keep your head up and always prepare for the worse but hope and aim for the best.  I have quite a few of these stories stored up for my book.  I tend use my stories and a bit of humor to teach others on how a situation may turn out.

It’s the last day of the month of June, and as much as the month started out crazy, it ended well for me.  I am happy to begin July with so much in store for my life.

What you think of my choice of photo?  Funny looking?

Are you ready for July?  How was your June?

Share your thoughts… 🙂


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