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The Tortoise and the Hare – Trail To Fitness

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Are you the Tortoise or the Hare?

So today I went for a run, yup I said it a run.  I went on the trial today with a few friends to prep for the spartan run challenge.  I was the cameraman for today, but wasn’t listening too well that I was going to be joining in all the activities, and end up running 2 miles with a 30lbs book bag with my equipment.  Let’s say it got real up a few hills and bends.  I kept at it out for 2 miles, until I said shoot, I am going to put this bag down and really run.  Well that was my day back into fitness.  Ummm, also maybe the bag wasn’t 30 pounds but close to 25lbs in which in mind they just about the same thing.  My friend comment to me was, “I hate cardio, but you are a ninja, you can do this with a million pounds on your back, this is your training.”  It was a blast and fun vibes today.  I am happy to have been included. 🙂

Either way, what shape are you in?  Can you at least run a mile?

Also… Are you the Hare or are you the Tortoise?

The friends apart of the run are all new friends based on my very cool friendship with my fitness body builder friend “Avadean Lewis” over at

He is quite awesome, so give him a look up.


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