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I have 3 kids, I am partially a parent.  I haven’t spoken so much in my life to describe things.  OMG, am I ready for my own kids?  I am not sure.  I know I am great parent and role model.  But to be me and be different from others, people tend to ask a lot of questions because they never encountered a person like me before.  People are too use to the norms in their own lives or what they see on tv than being open-minded and welcome new experiences.  I know for sure after their vacations, they will speak of me highly and relate a lot back to their experiences with me and how I do things.

I do hope they keep the one important lesson I taught them, in which is a proper greeting to anyone and everyone, which is Hello and Good Day, and also saying Thank You to someone after they did a good or kind deed for you.

I stand out the most in those situations, I am hope they get positive results from continuing those good lessons.

What lessons do you teach children or wish they would know or be taught more than anything else?

Fill me in and share your thoughts.


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