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Lazy Late Nights Inside


Don’t you just need a break?  Don’t you just want to kick up your feet and smooth out on the couch or bed, turn on some Netflix and zone out?  Well that’s me tonight.  The world, well my New York City life moves so far being in the area I am.  I tend to push 13-15 work days, then try to fit everything else in my sleep hours.  I know it’s dead wrong, but I have to for a while.

So my plotted scheme of this summer is to leave work on time.  No exceptions.  I might even go in early to make my time up, accomplish goals and such to just come home and have a few lazy late nights inside.  I think I deserve at least that.

What have you been craving for in your day time and night-time?

Fill me in and share your thoughts.


Thanks for reading,


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One thought on “Lazy Late Nights Inside

  1. Beautiful picture and I don’t have a craving and that’s cos’ I don’t put work on what my tomorrow will be i just go to bed knowing that I’ll be up with a fire burning in me to do something – what it’s, I don’t know until probably the next day.


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