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How were you in the past?

When you look back or think back what do you see?

For me, when I think back I think of climbing trees when I was a youth, hanging out with my cousin.  We use to spend a bulk of the day especially summer time, picking mangoes, cherry, and apples.  We also had many racing contests with each other, always seeking if the winner would change.  It was always funny via I always came in third in the 3 person race with my cousin and best friend.  I wouldn’t say it was because I was slow, they were thin and agile, so to catch either one was out of the question.  The only part that was fair for the start of the race, we all start at the same pace, but somewhere between the 35% mark, they expand the lead.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and free feel to share your thoughts and memories with me. 🙂


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2 thoughts on “FLASHBACK IN THE PAST

  1. When I look back in my life, it was all fun and lots of run run run 🙂 It was a time , when people were nice and wanted to please. I did my part of studying and that was enough for my parents …it was peace


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