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RIK, THE DIRECTOR #Photography

As you may have known or may not have known I am a Director and Photographer whom loves to collaborate with others and work on indie projects.  Last week I was happy to work with a friend on an upcoming music video for an artist [Jixi Fox ] whom is ready to be the center of attention of New York City as Free Verse & Improv Actor and Comedian.  I can’t wait to finish the works on this project to present to the world.  Jixi is probably the most amazing natural artist I have ever met, his creativity and versatility is unmatched.  He never give up or give into what the world says to do, but be true to himself and creating rich original works to entertain others.  Take a look for yourself at

Director 2, New York City RawMultimedia Photography

[Rik, reviewing notes on shot list for Music Videos.]

Director 1, New York City RawMultimedia Photography

[Rik, another angle, just looking cool now for the camera…then back to work.]

Director, New York City RawMultimedia Photography

[My Co-Director, Marlon setting up the camera for next scene…]

All videos and more will be available for FREE to view and enjoy at

Richardo Wilson
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