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If I Ruled the World
You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

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We are ruled by the seven deadly sins.

Wrath this is anger
Greed this is the desire for more than necessary
Sloth this is laziness.
Pride this is inflated self-worth.
Lust this is an unhealthy want of sex, money, power & fame.
Envy this is jealousy of what others achieved or blessed with.
Gluttony this is over indulgence.

These are the entities that  are ruling our world today. The powers that be, depend on these sins to keep us mentally enslaved. We are blinded by the glitter and gold of the designer market that we perform the deadly sins daily to commandeer what we believe is a status symbol. While the powers that be become rich hoodwinking the poor who wish to emulate the rich.

We laugh…

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Tech Rick - RawMultimedia Photography - Cine Art

Tech Rick 2 RawMultimedia Photography - Cine Art

I love technology and photography and they blend so well in my everyday life.

Being a tech guy is more of a lifestyle than a job, whether it’s writing blogs, coding in html or java, developing websites and using cool gadgets, it’s makes me alive everyday and I am happy with it all.

As a photographer I like to be different, a bit more human and personal and craft my works to what people don’t usually pay attention to.  I love detail and angles.  We all don’t see colors the same way, so I try to best to show you colors the way I see it, and it might just enlighten you to look at the same image or scene a different ways for more you can see colors differently.

It’s like magic when I work with other talented people, and get to share our passions for our works and craft.  It’s truly a blessing to do what you love everyday, so it really never feels like work, it’s just another chance to add to the world and create something special.  I do this with technology and with photography.

My new photography gallery is on its way.  I hope to take you on a tour once it’s complete.  Thanks for viewing and getting to know a bit more about me and my site.

How do you see colors?

I live life unscripted…

Richardo Wilson
Live Life Unscripted

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A Honest Gentleman

Tech Rick Smooth RawMultimedia Photography - Cine Art

Most days I want to touch lives and make change in our society, but everyday I work on being a humble gentleman with a passion to learn and make other’s smile.

I live life unscripted…

Richardo Wilson
Live Life Unscripted