The Reshaping Power ~ If I ruled

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If I Ruled the World
You’ve been given the superpower to change one law of nature. How do you use it?

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We are ruled by the seven deadly sins.

Wrath this is anger
Greed this is the desire for more than necessary
Sloth this is laziness.
Pride this is inflated self-worth.
Lust this is an unhealthy want of sex, money, power & fame.
Envy this is jealousy of what others achieved or blessed with.
Gluttony this is over indulgence.

These are the entities that  are ruling our world today. The powers that be, depend on these sins to keep us mentally enslaved. We are blinded by the glitter and gold of the designer market that we perform the deadly sins daily to commandeer what we believe is a status symbol. While the powers that be become rich hoodwinking the poor who wish to emulate the rich.

We laugh…

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