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Tech Rick - RawMultimedia Photography - Cine Art

Tech Rick 2 RawMultimedia Photography - Cine Art

I love technology and photography and they blend so well in my everyday life.

Being a tech guy is more of a lifestyle than a job, whether it’s writing blogs, coding in html or java, developing websites and using cool gadgets, it’s makes me alive everyday and I am happy with it all.

As a photographer I like to be different, a bit more human and personal and craft my works to what people don’t usually pay attention to.  I love detail and angles.  We all don’t see colors the same way, so I try to best to show you colors the way I see it, and it might just enlighten you to look at the same image or scene a different ways for more you can see colors differently.

It’s like magic when I work with other talented people, and get to share our passions for our works and craft.  It’s truly a blessing to do what you love everyday, so it really never feels like work, it’s just another chance to add to the world and create something special.  I do this with technology and with photography.

My new photography gallery is on its way.  I hope to take you on a tour once it’s complete.  Thanks for viewing and getting to know a bit more about me and my site.

How do you see colors?

I live life unscripted…

Richardo Wilson
Live Life Unscripted

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