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Wow…Don’t we all want to do this or at least tried to do this…. Mmmmm

Poetry & Stories in bite size pieces.



Claiming you can’t bend over,
Mostly due to you having a hangover,
Ducking hours of pain,
Having a case of the Mondays,
Not trying to moving a finger,
OMG I think I am sick so I can come in,
I my name I want to play,
So it’s a F U Manager day,
I just want to lay in bed,
Hopefully get some or lay my head,
Just need to squat and linger,
They definitely know me as the malingerer.

Young man with bandage on finger.


Jixi Fox

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wordpress milestone trophy

I am blessed to have reached another milestone and achievement.  Today I made it to 1337 posts right here on my blog.  It’s really exciting.  I am proud of the hard work I put in and quality in the things I write and post.  I am also happy I can touch someone’s life each day and even help them to smile with my photography or comedic writings.

guest post writing person

I just want to also thank everyone who was apart of the ride and development here on my blog.  I truly live life unscripted and encourage everyone if can you believe, you can achieve.

Be yourself and someone will thank you for it.

I am so happy…let the pat of the back rain on me tonight.

Thanks for reading
Richardo Wilson