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Are you a fan or supporter?


So tell me who are you?   Are you a fan or supporter?  I have always think of this question when approach something new.  Do I just love what others do, and not support their visions or I am not really a fan see something awesome within them and just support them because I believe in the vision or what my support might do as a whole for the topic or culture.

I always go both, I am both a fan and supporter.  I want to see things done in the world and always interested in others making great leaps in life and career.

What do you think?

Thanks for reading,


2 thoughts on “Are you a fan or supporter?

  1. Interesting question! In a perfect equation, would be nice to be both a fan & supporter for point of consideration, right? Kinda like “fan” and “supporter” are siblings and it depends on situation as to which is the older/younger one….:)


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