What Brings You Joy?


What brings you joy, is literally one of top questions I ask people I when I first meet them.  I am generally interested in knowingly about people and what brings a smile to their face.  Everyone is a bit different, and to know more about people and their culture or lifestyle is what I love to do.  When you are happy about something you can literally have fun talking about it, so that’s how I get people to talk. 🙂

So let’s talk, what brings you joy in your life?  What makes you happy?
Leave me a comment…

Joy – a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Thanks for reading,
Richardo Wilson

4 thoughts on “What Brings You Joy?

  1. So many things, I would say! A nice glass a wine, a sunny day after all the rainy ones here in Ireland, random hugs, jeans that actually fit…. I guess those, as well as other little things bring me lots of joy!


    1. Wow those sound so awesome…Sunny Days after rainy ones are always great. I love those myself. I kid smiling makes me happy and joyful as well as putting on my favorite brand of sneakers and hit the gym with shades. I be excited… 🙂


  2. Uhm, you seriously want a list? Because it’s a lot that brings me joy! 🙂
    Sunny days, swimming, reading, Quad riding, rafting, dancing, rocking, music festivals, writing, animals, spending time with family and friends, a fireplace,… should I go on? 😀
    Hugz & Love


    1. Oh wow that is a lot. And you said you can keep going? That’s really great to hear. Oh wow Quad Riding? You? You are just so BAD ASS, and filled with surprises. I am glad you have so many, you get to live life happier with a list like that.
      Hugz 🙂


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