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Hello readers, are you a writer/blogger and would love to be a guest blogger/writer?  Well here is your opportunity.  I would like to send out this open invitation to my subscribers and followers, as well as the blogging community to be featured on RawMultimedia as a guest blogger.  I love to meet new people and collaborate with others who are like me, have interesting things to say and love to write & share with the world.  So if this sounds like you, I am looking for you.  I am always creating new series and projects, and I also have a few blogging events in the works and looking for bloggers/writers to be contributors to the series and projects in a few genres.  

Let’s have fun, give it a shot and reach out to me.  What’s the worse that can happen, us being friends? 🙂 Friendship and creating great content is an amazing thing and an amazing feeling when you get to connect with others.

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About RawMultimedia

RawMultimedia is a lifestyle, entertainment & technology brand, we aim to write original and interesting content.  We are moving from a personal blog to an interactive & engaging blog in which adds value to people everywhere through multimedia (text, photos, music and videos).  We believe in art, life and colors through poetry, art, inspiration, photography, moments in life and freedom of expression.  We like people to be themselves and have fun with what they do.

How to Guest Post on RawMultimedia…

Send me an email to [ ] [ subject line: guest post ] with the information below.

Name: ___________
Email: ___________
Blog Link: ___________
Do you have a YouTube Channel? ___________
Do you have a Twitter Account? ___________
What type of topic would you write about? ( Lifestyle, Fashion, Poetry, Writing, Relationships or others)
Why would you like to be a guest writer (in general)? ___________


Leave a comment with your name, idea and a link to your blog, and I will reach out to you if I think you would make an awesome guest blogger/writer with us.

Good Luck

Good luck on your submission and I hope to see your blogs and hear from you on your guest post topic/pitch. 

*Note: I keep a pretty original content based and PG-13 type of blog and I hope your posts will be as well.  I also like good grammar, and engagement within writing, it helps to expand and relate with readers and writers alike.  (We should all use the grammar check button.)  Don’t be discouraged if not selected, there is always another time.  But don’t be shy or scared to give it a shot, you never know, you might have a gem with you for something else. 🙂 

guest post

Thanks for reading,
Richardo Wilson


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