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Be My Valentine - Sexy Date Gift Pink RawMultimedia(image source:


I would believe this is what most women are thinking.  Then again, mostly only single women, for the one’s already taken and in a relationship, it’s like a requirement.

What do you think?
Are you thinking of saying these words to someone?

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Richardo Wilson


18 thoughts on “BE MINE, BE MY VALENTINE [#Photography]

  1. In London, as soon as New Year is over, Valentine’s Day marketing begins. It is crazy. I don’t celebrate it. Maybe I am just bitter though. I have never been with someone who wanted to ‘be my Valentine’ 🙂


      1. 🙂 They don’t and don’t care. So I will buy my own Chocolate. 🙂 After all my best lover is myself. I’ve known me all my life. 🙂 I have to run out. Nice talking with you and Enjoy. I hope you have a good Valentine. HUGS – Helping Us Grow Spiritually.


      2. That’s so true, that’s what I think the ladies, but sometimes emotions get ladies sad and they just want it via all the other girls are throwing it in their faces. Like oh, did you see what my boo got me. lol


      3. I am so pleased that my small group of girlfriend’s are not like that. Most of us have been single forever, and I know for sure that we have never ever tried to make each other jealous about what we have received or done on Valentine’s. That would be pretty sad 🙂


      4. Well men tend to don’t want to spend a little something or be open with their feelings or worse, they have many women, so to claim one of the day will lose the others or the tries to fight getting any of them anything. lol


    1. Well I can be yours… 🙂 International Love… lol. It’s True, it’s like clockwork, it’s all about promotion, sales and get your money… Tax time, valentines and BIG SCREEN TVS or new iPADS and LAPTOPS…lol The world is one big sales pitch.


      1. Awww, that is very kind of you, but it goes against all my principles to even have a Valentine, considering I don’t support its commercial aspects 🙂 Besides that, if I was to choose a valentine, I guess I am supposed to choose my partner? LOL.


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