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One of my favorite things in life is very interesting and stimulating conversations.  I don’t them very often especially the witty and sophisticated ones with friends or absolute strangers.  I recently met this young lady at work and had a wonderful life conversation in the matter of a few minutes, umm that’s true, it went on and off for nearly two hours.  It was so engaging and real and we both ended the conversation with a win and nothing but a big smile.

Either way, I have an amazing best friend in which pushes my buttons at times as I do his, but the way we chat via text messages are so random and interesting.  He pretty much commentated on my behavior, and I react and respond to him in the only way I do, in a very confusing yet, smooth “oh yea I got the perfect response to that” type of way.  Check the brief dialogue of our text message conversation and let me know what you think.

Friend: You are an interesting person.
Me: Why, thank you.
Me: I try to  be, without trying.
Friend: I just felt like you should know this…
Friend: I wanted to share that with you
Me: Thanks for sharing
Me: I would have never know this unless told.
Friend: You’re welcome.
Friend: I hope you are feeling well today…
Me: I am feeling quite well, it’s been quite a refreshing air I have been breathing in…
Me: I appreciate the inquiry of my stasis.
Friend: Always great to hear…

So within that dialogue above, you can’t really tell much of the attitude of both persons talking both pretty much, my friend is quite upset at me for a particular reason, and thinks there is something wrong with me mentally.  Now, this is my character 24/7 and he knows I do not fit the role of give you what you want to hear responses and apologize for my pretty normal self, he settles for my responses in the end.  My friend very much knows I will not stop, won’t stop until we both just say something dramatic or just stop responding to each other.

Do you have a friend or family member that you have great and interesting conversations with?


Thanks for reading,
Richardo Wilson
“Live Life Unscripted”


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